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Amber Hunt contacted me out of the blue about making a Brixel mural at Palmer Park Prep, set to re-open as a montessori in Detroit. She remembered seeing one being made years ago at Hostel Detroit and thought it was just the thing to draw people into this neighborhood school and liven up a space that could be used like an outdoor classroom.

I gave her a design I thought might work, explained the best way to acquire free paint, and made a digital paint-by-numbers plan so they could try out interchangable colors. Here's an in-progress shot she sent me. It looks like they're doing a great job!

Palmer Park Pool

I look out for contemporary artworks that are feasible to re-make and it's a nice way to own blue chip works without breaking the bank. I just need a bigger wall...

I framed sixteen spreads from the $14 catalog for "Missing Pages" by Guillermo Kuitca at Hauser and Wirth, LA. (That show is currently up right now, so check out the original, then grab the paper copy and make your own today!)

Public Pool Public Pool Public Pool Public Pool The piece is currently untitled. It's also part of a series where I'm re-training myself to be less judgemental about my creative output. I've tasked myself with making 50 'bad' artworks before the end of the year to try to take the pressure off myself, find fun.

TrashPuppet TrashPuppet

Impromptu Performance Lecture
during a drop-in at Processing Community Day (LA)

Partial transcript from 1/19/2019 at UCLA:

"I have an idea I'd like to present that maybe dovetails with this conference. I'd call it the first annual ADHD conference for artists. ADHD is actually a misnomer, so this Dr. Russell Barkley has given us two much better terms: Time-blindness and Intention Deficit Disorder.

About 4 - 5% of the adult population has Time-Blindness and I am looking at a subsection of that have gone into the arts. I've already begun some preliminary research into artists with Intention-Deficit Disorder. When I took a poll of people to see if they can see signs of ADHD in their work, or if it contributes to their creative work in any way, the responses went against assumptions I had that people went into art because it was more forgiving and it could be more on one's own terms. Often, the overwhelming self-management tasks overshadowed other beliefs such as the necessity for hyperfocus, or being an empath. Dr.Barkley says that those who do good work, do it despite having Intention-Deficit Disorder, not because of it, and YouTube channels such as ''How to ADHD'' devote a good amount of time to note aspects that seem like special powers, quirks worth appreciating, and both can be right.

This focus on how those with Time Blindness experience intense extremes, feelings of all-or-nothing and the reality of stopping altogether in the face of adversity, parallels economic extremes that we are seeing in wealth inequality in America and in the world. This is not a metaphor, but rather the activities that artists with ADHD take on, where often lives are made up of clever strategies for survival, they are a barometer for economic systems with particular demands of flexibility or failure placed on people not on situations.

Amongst the few respondents that have worked for years on being as self-aware as possible, they lamented the lack of research and useful resources for adults with Intention-Deficit Disorder, and that they have had to figure everything out on their own in a complex story of failure, devastation, and self-moderation. I often work with other artists and pride myself on bringing them into a fold of a different way of thinking and working, helping others see the possibility of what I imagine work to be, and how work can be redefined to address salient local and cultural topics.

There are two questions that I would like to present with this ADHD conference, which are controversial and personal: What is the relationship to ADHD and being an artist (using my own practice as a starting point?) And could ADHD symptoms illuminate and even confront Capitalism, where those with the disorder who fail to meet its demands find solidarity?"

Full talk without C.A.R.T. has been found here.

Public Pool

A Themed Fundraiser for Public Pool

Their goal is "to raise $10k to help pay for the following: Gallery expenses: It costs money to run a gallery and community art spaces like ours are not sales driven. Programming: More art shows. More Good Tyme Writers Buffets. More artist workshops for the community." Please note that there are two parts to each work for MAXIMUM fundraising.
Simone DeSousa Gallery

Editions are numerous - Editions are affordable - Editions give a taste of a greater practice - Editions make great gifts - Editions are limited - Editions are serious stuff.

Pictured from top -> bottom, left -> right:

  • 1 of 3 daily calendars (Daily advice, Movie List, Archive)
  • Not-an-Exhibition catalog from ''We Need More _______''
  • Ephemeral Prints (this one was framed by the buyer)
  • Mini industrial concrete pillars (made lovingly with toilet paper rolls and a funnel)
  • Dented rice cakes (makes great book ends)
  • Produced for and on sale exclusively through

    Simone DeSousa Gallery's EDITIONS.

    New work being produced for the upcoming "Edition" themed exhibition opening November 30th in Detroit. This will run until December 23rd and I'll also be re-stocking their store with updated 2019 daily calendars and ceramic holders.