Cedric Tai

Prototype GalGael Drawing Benches

Prototype Drawing Benches
This project involved creating a pilot program based on the best attributes of three different institutions while also addressing the transitions going on within those organizations. I attempted to combine: the radical education of the Detroit Institute of Arts (as represented by their drawing in the galleries program), the Glasgow Museum Resource Center's open tours for viewing art and cultural objects , and the inspirational community of GalGael where people share skills with one another.
There is something uplifting about how easy it is for drawing to bring people together. Also, drawing public artwork creates a very deep level of appreciation for both the artwork and the access. I facilitated a drawing workshop that would take place in the Glasgow Museum Resource Centre (technically a storage facility for all of Glasgow's museums) for the members of GalGael (a social enterprise in which one of their aims is to provide space to traditional craftsmen who can pass on skill sets to the chronically unemployed).
With GalGael, I developed jigs and prototypes for a new product line of drawing benches to be sold to museums around Glasgow. My support of this project, both administrative and financial provided a sustainable model for both partner institutions. The funding for these benches was helped by the Glasgow Masters Series and they were exhibited as an installation from which one could draw the other installations. Currently the benches are still in Scotland being used by artists, however if you would like your own bench you can order one from GalGael!
Some GalGael participants drawing Tvs in the land where television was first invented.
This is the tour for the GalGael participants before we found a space to spend time to draw. these tours are free and anyone can technically suggest a creative endeavor that involves the Glasgow Museum Resource Center. Most of the paintings/framed works roll out like this one for easy perusal, and there are rows and rows and rows of them.
GalGael GalGael
I researched and tweaked the design of the benches to be based off of ones made for the Detroit Institute of Arts, with these models having an optional 'racing stripe' of hard wood, as well as pegs that keep the board in place for easy storage and stacking. Two benches can be fabricated out of a single sheet of marine grade plywood and require no nails. These prototypes along with the jigs were crafted by Tim Norman who works with GalGael. There will be a video of him to be included soon... (Images of the benches in use can be seen here)