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Glass Material Library (and other artworks)

Unfired LayoutFront/BackFiring ScheduleMaterials + Costs
A,B(1),C(1),DGlass Tile1 Glass Tile-A Glass Tile-B 1490°F Fuse Glass Tile1 $9.49 - $95A
$50.02 - $289.36B
Glass Tile1 Glass Tile-C Glass Tile-D 1490°F FuseGlass Tile1 $52.27 - $279.96Glass Tile20
$11.72 - $95Glass Tile1
E,GGlass-E,G Glass Tile-E Glass Tile-G 1480°F FuseGlass Tile2 $16.13 - $95Glass Tile20
$15.72 - $95Glass Tile1
F,HGlass-F,H Glass Tile-F Glass Tile-H 1480°F FuseGlass Tile2 $9.22 - $16.10Glass Tile1
IGlass-I Glass Tile-I 1490°F FuseGlass Tile3 $17.44Tile-I
JGlass-J Glass Tile-J 1490°F FuseGlass Tile3 $12.99Tile-J
I,J,K,L(1)Glass-I,K,L Glass Tile-K 1490°F FuseGlass Tile3 $9.72Tile-K
M(1),N,O,PGlass-N,O,P,Q Glass Tile-M 1490°F FuseGlass Tile4 $103.92 - $371.72M
Glass-N,O,P,Q Glass Tile-P 1250°F Glass Tile4 $49.89 - $253.57P
Q,R,S,T,U,V,WGlass-R,S,T,U Glass Tile-Q Glass Tile-R 1425°F FuseGlass Tile4 $47.55 - $206.12R
Glass-R,S,T,U Glass Tile-U 1425°F FuseGlass Tile4 $15.83 - $313.71U
X,B2,Y,Z,AaGlass-? Glass Tile-S Glass Tile-B 1325°F FuseGlass Tile4 $60.37 - $409.80X
Ac(1),L(2),Ad(1)Glass-? Glass Tile-Aq Glass Tile-L 1490°F Glass Tile4 $164.33 - $256.60Aq
Ae,Af(1), Ag(1),AhGlass-? Glass Tile-Z Glass Tile-Z 1450°F FuseGlass Tile4 $166.65 - $330.19Af
Glass-? Glass Tile-Ag 1450°F FuseGlass Tile4 $166.65 - $330.19Ag
Glass-? Glass Tile-AC 1450°F FuseGlass Tile4 $37.25 - $365.67Ah
Ai(1),Aj,Ak, Al,Am,An,AoGlass-? Glass-? 1325°F Glass Tile9 Ai%20(costs).png
C(2)Glass-? Glass Tile-C 1225°F Glass Tile10 C%20(costs).png
M(2)Glass-? Glass Tile-M 1225°F Glass Tile10 $103.92 - $371.72M
Ap,Aq(Ac2/Ad2),Bm , Ar(Ac/Ad2),AsGlass-? Glass Tile-Ap Glass Tile-AE 1450°F FuseGlass Tile8 $47.41 - $261.54ap
Af(2), At, Ai(2),Bf, Au, Ag(2)Glass-? Glass Tile-AA Glass Tile-At 1250°F Glass Tile13 $42.74 - $294.59At
Glass-? Glass Tile-Ag 1250°F Glass Tile13 $47.48 - $372.86Ag
Aw,AvGlass-? Glass Tile-Av 1490°F FuseGlass Tile1 $36.88 - $247.20Av
Aw,AvGlass-? Glass Tile-Aw 1490°F FuseGlass Tile1 $10.05 - $135.66Aw
Ax,Ac(1),AyGlass-? Glass-? 1490°F FuseGlass Tile1 $16.53 - $252.15Ay
AxGlass-? Glass-Ax 1325°F FuseFiring #20 $19.76 - $246.77Ax
Az,Ba,Bb,Bc(2)Glass-? 1325°F FuseGlass Tile7 $19.76 - $246.77Ax
AzGlass-? Glass-Az 1325°F FuseFiring #20 $19.76 - $246.77Ax
Ab(1)Glass-? Glass-Bc 1250°F FuseFiring #18 $19.76 - $246.77Ax
Ab(2),M(3),Bd,BeGlass-? Glass-Bc 1225°F FuseFiring #24 $19.76 - $246.77Bd
Ab(2),M(3),Bd,BeGlass-? Glass-Bd 1225°F FuseFiring #24 $35.85-$362.67Be
Bg, Bh, Bi, Bj, Bk, BlGlass-? Glass-Bd 1225°F FuseFiring #19
Insert cost(s) here
Let's Not and Say We Did
"Let's Not and Say We Did"
20'' x 17''
Design by Mark Allen, Materials: Glass and Color Line Screenprinting Ink

1 of 3 artist proofs, price upon request

I made posters for an art event that never happened, and doubling down explaining over social media and in e-mails that due to the pandemic my grand efforts were thwarted leaving me with these sole artifacts.

I feel like we don't talk about how our artistic and professional ambitions are unwieldy and especially absurd during a worldwide pandemic that ought to be a moment to re-consider how we project productivity and status on social media. I asked Mark Allen of the now defunct Machine Project to lend legitimacy to my "Let's Not and Say We Did" poster where he started the overall design and later sent me the files so that I could finish it while I mulled over which 'sponsors' to name in my epic transcontinental event.

My poster claims that this event had lined up 18 sponsors ranging from made up organizations, (The Seahawk Interdisciplinary Program is a reference to my friend K Bradford) to one that I've heard may be interested in expanding into mental health (Noom) as well as organizations that explicitly asked me not to name them. Mark is being gifted one of these posters as he has been designing playful posters pro-bono for friends' events for over a decade.

Although I may be shooting myself in the foot for making fun of 'dreaming big', (and actually in true rushing fashion, one of the posters broke in my haste packing them up from my artist-in-residency at Yucca Valley Material Lab), often large organizations and other funding bodies do request ephemera such as advertising posters to prove that one has done the work of putting public programming out in the world.

In this past month, I've noticed many art professionals who haven't been able to get people to come to their online events while popular in-person venues were increasingly packed once the first vaccines were unrolled. Rather than have a discussion about a kind of social capital inequality this may represent, I noticed that friends vowed to double down further to 'be better' at telling friends earlier about upcoming events. I'm taking the radically self-compassionate approach that beyond showing up as one is, and attended to our reasonable low energy and boundaries, to actually celebrate how we didn't over exert ourselves and how that makes space for rest, the imagination, and actual care. Under the guise of radical-neurodivergent-artworks where 'we as artists have already arrived' / 'the work begins as finished as it needs to be', either this project will set in motion 'Do-Less-With-More' and could inadvertently create forward momentum in my larger collaborative projects and I'm simply chronologically challenged, or this project is simply a reminder to myself and friends that some of the best artworks have been made when deliberately not trying to impress anyone but simply make 'bad art', exorcise the 'shame gremlins', and ride the wave that feels like one is 'getting away with something'.

Let's Not and Say We Did Let's Not and Say We Did Let's Not and Say We Did
Detail of Artist Proof #2
Let's Not and Say We Did
Detail of Artist Proof #1
Let's Not and Say We Did
This Time I'm Going to Win

"This Time I'm Going to Win" (2018)

Materials: Mirrors, fishing line, hook, wood, hinges, paint, glue

(Size: 32" x 12" x variable height)

This sculpture is based on something my therapist mentioned about people in denial. He said, "Imagine this middle aged man driving a red convertable, and the car's license plate has the frame around it, and it says, "This Time I'm Going to Win". I wanted to make something interactive that even as the viewer flips from one mirrored slice to another, the view never changes.

Photos by Josh Schaedel This Time I'm Going to Win

Mirror Mirror

"Self-Care, CBT, and CBD" (2018)

Materials: Mirrors, rope, stick on gems, hot melt adhesive, hinges

(Size: 12" x 4" x 54")

Photo by Josh Schaedel