Cedric Tai

A collaboration by Thom Norman and Cedric Tai (this video does not do justice to seeing the work in person and part of its meaning is in examining what it means to 'record' such performances.)

Before the performance
Equilibrium Equilibrium
The ink squirting mechanisms next to the scores the musicians use that would subsequently be marbled.
This mechanism was built using balloons, springs, and droppers which could take in account the pitch and velocity of the music being played.
Campbell Parker being hooked up to the ink squirting mechanism by the composer Thom Norman.
Equilibrium Equilibrium Equilibrium Equilibrium
Elias Rooney playing his exquisite cello.
Equilibrium Equilibrium Equilibrium
Me unhooking the cello player after the end of the performance while the score is be prepared to be dipped into the tank holding the ink.
Not pictured is the metronome that was made out of fishing anchors that skimmed the surface of the water helping to move the ink around the tank.
Thanks to Sarah F Maloney for all the photography above.
At Jim Lambie's Poetry Club