Cedric Tai

Speculative "?" based Website

Actual Resources here.

So... at the moment i'm kindof just making a lot of proposals; Meta-artworks about what I wish existed, including an app called "Is it Me or is it Capitalism?" (Hint: 95% of of the time it's not you, it's totallly capitalism...)

The image above is for a proposed website that is part forum, part mind-map, part search engine of 'How' questions, and part neurodiversity research project. The website would be structured around questions and their contexts so that 'answers' exist in multiplicity. Basically, I got tired of hearing people respond to my questions with "it depends..."

Why is this even here? Well, have you ever saved a screenshot of something posted to social media that you wanted to re-visit because it was just so dead on, and then spent hours not being able to find it?

At this very moment, I've saved thousands of images and feel a bit overwhelmed and stuck, so instead of putting all of these resources I've collectively into a more intuitively 'mise-en-place' form of organization, i've made this odd mockup of a website instead for a platform that I wish existed. It's going to serve as a placeholder until I can wrap my head around things a bit better. I'm not sure of the best way to represent all of the research (and how I've gotten into the thick of it).

But maybe at least this way you can see where my mind is at, and how I think that anything this robust would inherently have to be co-created, because there is A LOT of information 'out there' right now, and often we don't own our own data, we can't easily tell who is funding what 'neutral' resource and well... there's just a lot!

In the meantime, feel free to explore the currently unorganized resources here.

Available for Patreon subscribers, you can see a full explanation of this website mockup here.