Cedric Tai

2009 and earlier exhibitions

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"Projections" (2009), Materials: Vinyl lettering, projector, plastic sheeting, white paint, transparency roll and a print out of a NYT op-ed article by Charles M. Blow.

Installation in a four-person show (Steve Coy, Deon Foster, Dave Sanders, Cedric Tai) Detroit Industrial Projects, Russell Industrial Center, MI (2009)

Visitors were presented with a blank projection which they rightly assumed they could write their responses to the phrase "black people are less racist than white people" to be displayed pubicly next to the work. These comments would be projected on a clear surface that had been painted white. The conversation of what was being written became archived as the acetate was on rollers. Written responses ranged from inflammatory to flummoxed.

First shows
"Have an Eye for Sci-Fi" An immersive digital workshop within the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit in conjunction with Anne Lislegaard's exhibition "Science Fiction" (2009)


Accepting Accidents Accepting Accidents Accepting Accidents
Installation Views of "Accepting Accidents" my first solo show @ Re:View Contemporary containing my recent experiments with sculptures and paintings.
Accepting Accidents
''Expandability'' Winterizing Plastic, wood, zip ties, spraypaint and screws (size is variable on the configuration)
Accepting Accidents
''Digit'' CNC routed acrylic plastic, ink and commercial latex paint
Accepting Accidents
''Full Blown Disaster'' Mixed media on the back of found acrylic plastic
Accepting Accidents
''Limitless Economic Growth'' Tinted and mirrored acrylic plastic

Accepting Accidents at Re:View Contemporary, September 11 - October 21, 2010


''Find a blank canvas, I mean so blank that it's clear. Take everything you've got and mix it all together, not like when you're making batter but make sure everything comes in contact with everything else. Let it sit for a day, who knows, it might take a week to dry. Flip it over to see what you've got, ok, you've got a problem. It looks like crap. Deal with it. If you get stuck, just destroy your favorite part and keep going. Find what you were looking for even though you don't remember why you started in the first place.'' - Cedric Tai


Napkin Show
"Ideas for Detroit on Napkins" Whitdel Arts, Detroit, MI

Napkin Show
Napkin Show
Napkin Show
Napkin Show
"Never Rest" for the show 'Kant Stop Believin' curated by Ian Swanson. This was a collaboration between myself and digital artist Benjamin Gaydos. Ben created the slowly spinning video of geometric shards which is projected onto the tornado of fast moving reflective foam rectangles.

Mechanisms and concepts were created by myself. Materials:Blowers, reflective foam, projector, a digital video, wood, a corner, and your inner child. The video documentation like many of my videos have been taken with my phone. Ben has a much higher quality version of another installation of the piece.

Other exhibitions from 2011 that are accessible on this site include work from "Art X Detroit", a video documenting our "People Mover Happenings"and the show I curated myself into, I don't believe in art, I believe in artists" at Whitdel Arts.