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Suggested Reading for Stephanie Deumer's Art Exhibition

A three part contribution for Stephanie Deumer's exhibition catalog "Features of the Same Face" during her Art+Tech artist-in-residency at Cerritos College, to be launched at the end of February 2017

The Museum of Contemporary Art on the Moon

A collaboration with Rosie Sharp was produced for The Museum of Contemporary Art on the Moon's Inaugural Show. 'Mystic Hyperstitions in the Heart of Empire' was curated by Joey Cannizzaro. The museum is an artwork itself by Julio Orta for the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art.

Simone DeSousa Gallery

New works available exclusively for EDITIONS.

Performed as part of the Readers Chorus at the glorious Museum of Jurassic Technology.

Readers Chorus at the Center for Jurassic Technology

The Reader's Chorus is pleased to present an evening of performance throughout the rooms, chambers, hallways, niches, stairways, passages, and openings of the Museum of Jurassic Technology as the culmination of a generous invitation to engage with the Museum itself.

We invite you to move among our many voices stationed within the exhibitions and curiosities, as a chorus emerges from the abundance of texts and vertiginous spaces of the Museum.

Many thanks to the Museum of Jurassic Technology and their splendid corps of devoted staff for this generous invitation to The Reader's Chorus to textually and vocally engage in this unique manner with the Museum.

The Reader's Chorus consists of composers and musicians, visual artists and filmmakers, writers and poets. Inspired by the possibilities of timbre, rhythm, and spatialization with a group of speaking voices, Sara Roberts and Jordan Biren have recruited several editions of dedicated players to write for, experiment with, and perform the sound of reading.

The Reader's Chorus

David Aguila, Casey Anderson, Tuni Chatterji, Danny Clark, Drew Corey, Morgan Gerstmar, Pauline Gloss, Eric Heep, Jen Hutton, Cedric Tai, Haruko Tanaka, Tim Tsang, Argenta Walther, Christina Ward, Diane Ward


Sara Roberts and Jordan Biren

Special Thanks To

David Wilson, Hana van der Steur, Jed Lackritz, Eva Hausam, and the entirety of the Museum of Jurassic Technology; Ursula Brookbank; Palle Henckel.


Recipient of a Knight Foundation Grant of $25,000 towards curatorial projects between Glasgow and Detroit for 2015-17. The first phase debuted in July 2015 at Simone DeSousa Gallery, " Over Over Over". Phase two is currently in the works!