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The Speed of Learning

''The Speed of Learning''

An on-going series of handmade books that are also kinetic sculptures. The title references my conviction for a re-examination of nation-wide education reforms, which do not rely on constantly changing reforms, but the simple encouragement of intrinsic learning, one student at a time.
Drive Drumming

"Drive Drumming"

A collaboration with Manuel Lima.

I experienced culture shock moving from Detroit to Los Angeles, more so than when we moved to Glasgow, Scotland. I found myself in a new routine with a full-time job and an hour and a half commute from Santa Clarita to Boyle Heights. I had less time to play around with art. I fantasized about the artwork I would make to help me deal with the difficulty of transitioning.

I handed off hours of footage to Manuel Lima, this is an excerpt.

Brixel in Eastern Market


A mashup of the words, brick and pixel, "Brixels" originated as an exploration of participation within public art. The website MakeBrixels.com was co-created with Dan Marchwinsky to assist in generating designs and to allow others to access the patterns. Brixels are an instantaneous, interactive paint-by-numbers kind of activity for an existing community that seeks an accessible way to reclaim ownership of a space. By calling attention to the bricks that make up the walls rather than utilizing the whole wall as a 'blank canvas' it brought up communal conversations about permission, skill, and the relationship between branding and a sense of place.

The image above is a mural on Transmat in Detroit (The door is by the grafitti artist, Shades). Four Brixels were created as part of an original commission with Art X Detroit and three other murals have since been fostered by other groups. Although there may be many more out there as this project is an open framework that anyone can take on.

Moroccan Tile

''Go on Vacation, Rearrange the Furniture''

During my MFA degree show opening at the Glasgow School of Art, I secretly planted small works of art on unsuspecting visitors. Using the artwork composed of tile arrangements to keep their attention, myself and a team of trained volunteers planted small tile pieces on visitors through a process I call reverse pick-pocketing.
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Artists include: Corrie Baldauf, Olayami Dabls, Bryce Detroit, Michaela Mosher, Andrew Thompson, Graem Whyte as well as Lynn Crawford. Assistant Curator: Anna Tüdős

''Over Over Over'' (Phase 2)

OverOverOver began as a modest attempt to bring artists from Glasgow to Detroit in 2015. Phase 2 of the project is based on Detroit artists visiting the city of Glasgow during May 2018. After being informed about the Scottish city through texts, anecdotes and websites, their presence will result in not just a presentation of their individual practices and ideas, but also an exchange of artists strategies.