Cedric Tai

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Thom Norman and Cedric Tai

''Please Turn Off Your Cellphone''

I was invited to create an exhibition for REDUX Contemporary in South Carolina. I unveiled a performance and a new mural which requires the audience to completely shut off their phones in order for the music to be heard. Many aspects of the work are either hidden or purposefully misleading. The mural itself will be up for one year, a musical score by Scottish composer Thom Norman. (We have collaborated before on the performance 'Equilibrium')

The lobby space has been altered into a monochromatic intervention using the same color as the mural. REDUX serves as a hub to the community oriented art scene of Charleston. By altering the advertisments in the lobby the events around town appear as a collective whole where artists are making Charleston a more interesting place.

Prototype Drawing Benches

"GalGael Drawing Benches Prototype"

This project involved creating a pilot program based on the best attributes of three different institutions while also addressing the transitions going on within those organizations. I attempted to combine: the radical education of the Detroit Institute of Arts (as represented by their drawing in the galleries program), the Glasgow Museum Resource Center's open tours for viewing art and cultural objects , and the inspirational community of GalGael where people share skills with one another.
Moroccan Tile

''Go on Vacation, Rearrange the Furniture''

During my MFA degree show opening at the Glasgow School of Art, I secretly planted small works of art on unsuspecting visitors. Using the artwork composed of tile arrangements to keep their attention, myself and a team of trained volunteers planted small tile pieces on visitors through a process I call reverse pick-pocketing.